Fashion Trend in 2020: Transparent Dress with Embroidery and Sequins Being the Current Trend in 2020

Dress with Embroidery

Going to a wedding party is one of the agendas where you must look stylish and up to date. You will meet more people and relatives. Surely, it will have sweet photo moments. Of course, you need to wear the right dress in which it is the trend in 2020. Make sure that you have … Read more

4 Booming Trends of Fashion and Style in 2020

Fashion and Style in 2020

A trend is always changing. It is related to a trend of fashion and style. In 2020, the trend is different from 2019. Welcoming to a new year is surely enthusiastic to see the new trend of fashion. The fashion is related to complex factors including fashion in clothes, bags, shoes, and fashion styles. When … Read more