Tips for Wearing Boy’s Pants with Casual Style

The choice of dress style for boys is not as many as girls. But if you can choose a style that fits and fits well, boys can look fashionable too. One of them is in the selection of boy’s pants. Shorts that are assumed to be play pants can also be a child’s favorite trousers in style. So that you don’t choose the wrong appearance of your little one who wants to appear in short pants, here are 7 tips.

Choose a pants length that suits your little one’s body

There are many styles of shorts of various lengths. There is a short knee above the knee, and also below the knee. If the pants are used for playing, you can choose those that are above the knee, but if used for traveling, knee-length pants will look very suitable. It’s different if your little one will play in an outdoor environment, you can choose the one below the knee with a safe and comfortable cargo model.

boy's pants
Tips for Wearing Boy’s Pants with Casual Style

Customize the pants model with the purpose of the event

Currently, many boy shorts are suitable for formal events. For example, short chinos with khaki color. These boy’s pants are perfect for pairing with a cool white shirt.

If your little one is going to play in the outdoor area, cargo shorts are the right choice. With their thick material, cargo pants will protect your little one more optimally, especially with the appearance of many pockets that will work for your little one.

Mix and match with the right boss

The important point of dressing a boy in shorts is in choosing the top. There are various choices of tops that you can use with your little one. Starting from polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodie jackets, and even shirts. To choose this top, you should adjust it to the purpose of where the clothes will be worn.

If it’s only for playing at home, you don’t need to be confused. T-shirt shorts with a t-shirt top can be the most appropriate choice. But if you are going to travel, you can choose shorts with dark denim so you don’t get dirty easily. Then choose a boss with a bright, masculine color like white, light blue, or cream. You can choose a t-shirt, polo shirt, or shirt that is not too formal.

boy's pants
Tips for Wearing Boy’s Pants with Casual Style

Don’t have too many accessories

Shorts for children should not have too many accessories. For example, there are dangling ropes but they have no function. Moreover, metal accessories can hurt your little one if he is too active. A simple model with an excessive number of pockets will certainly be more comfortable to use. Besides, make sure the pants and easy to wear and remove by the little one so as not to make it difficult when your little one is going to pee.

Match with the footwear that will be used

Apart from tops, to complete your little one’s cool look you also have to choose the right footwear for your little one. For a casual style, you can choose simple sandals like strappy rubber sandals. But if you want to look tidier and cool, boots or sneakers can also be an interesting choice. Your little one will look cool in the latest shorts, shirts, and sneakers.