Children Outfit Combination Ideas to Look elegant

Clothes for girls are very diverse. There are so many, you can get dizzy when choosing which outfit combination is right for the princess. Especially if he also has his taste and opinion about the clothes he will wear.

For that, make sure you are always by his side when he is choosing clothes. Give input that he would be more suitable to wear model A clothes than model B. Whatever style of clothing you buy, make sure it can show a cheerful and feminine impression. So that children will feel happy and more confident.

T-shirt combined with short skirt and boots

This style is suitable for walking to the mall or other activities. Combining a T-Shirt with a Skirt is the simplest choice for girls. You can choose t-shirts with pictures of fruits such as watermelon or oranges. It could also be with cute animal motifs such as rabbits or cats.

Children's outfit combination ideas to look elegant
Children’s outfit combination ideas to look elegant

Denim top and floral skirt

Planning an evening walk? Wear a skirt with a floral print. This outfit combination is perfect for an evening walk or even another activity. Combined with denim tops, your evening out with your family will be more cheerful and fun.

One-piece shirt with Denim and wedges

This combination idea will make your child look casual. Jumpsuit or one-piece model clothes can be an option for your daughter. This outfit is simple and doesn’t make it complicated, your child can still move comfortably. Especially when coupled with wearing wedge shoes. The combination of a jumpsuit with wedges will make your child look even cuter.

Children's outfit combination ideas to look elegant
Children’s outfit combination ideas to look elegant

Children’s clothes with tutu skirts

Do you want your child to look even cuter? Try combining clothes with a tutu skirt! It must be cute and cute! The tutu skirt is very feminine. Very fitting worn by your child who wants to appear girly. Pair a tutu skirt with a t-shirt with a cute cartoon character or animal.

A long robe combined with a minimalist hijab can look cool

Appearing in Muslim clothing is no less attractive. Especially now that many robes are sold with beautiful motifs and designs. Wearing Muslim clothing will train your daughter to follow the Shari’a.

The thing that must be considered in the long design. Make sure the blouse that the child wears is made of comfortable material and does not make it hot quickly.

Apart from clothes, accessories must also be considered

Besides thinking of the outfit combination, thinking of accessories is also important. Accessories are supported for a child’s appearance. Provide accessories that still show a cheerful and fun impression for the child. Such as hats, sunglasses, wristbands, hair clips, or headbands.

Don’t overdo it when wearing accessories for children. Instead of looking more handsome or beautiful, your child looks weird. One or two additional accessories are enough to support the child’s appearance to make it cooler.

Those are some ideas of outfit combinations for your daughter. But, remember, although blood and flesh itself is not necessarily the taste of the parents as well as the taste of their children. Your child must have different desires and personalities from their parents. Including in choosing the clothes he likes.