How to Choose the Best Interview Blouses for Women

Right now, you might be looking for some ideas for interview blouses. Attending a job interview can be intimidating even from the start. Choosing the right attire creates another intimidation to yourself.

Thus, some people decide to sort some interview clothes ready to wear instead of scrambling into the closet at the last minute. More than anything, you should look polished and professional regardless of the job type. The first impression is essential.

How to Choose the Best Interview Blouses for Women
How to Choose the Best Interview Blouses for Women

#1 Navy blue blazer

Blazers are versatile, especially if you pick the one with a neutral color. Owning a navy blue blazer in your closet will help you big time, especially when you need to attend interviews and meetings.

Blazers offer tons of options. You can wear it with a button-down, blouse, or even a dress. On the other hand, a navy blue blazer works very nicely with various bottoms, such as a khaki skirt, khaki pants, or a pair of dark-wash jeans. If you prefer to wear interview blouses, you must adopt a navy blue blazer in your closet.

#2 Blouses with lovely details

Another way to nail your interview is by wearing blouses with appealing details. What kind of details? It depends on your choice. The key is to stick with an elegant look – a blouse with a bow on it seems pretty after all.

By wearing this kind of blouse, you can pair it with slacks or a skirt. To pop the top, you can also add a skinny waist belt. Wearing a jacket for the outer is also a great idea, but it depends on where your interview takes place.

How to Choose the Best Interview Blouses for Women
How to Choose the Best Interview Blouses for Women

#3 Button-down shirts

Do you know that you can make a button-down not boring? Also, you do not need to limit yourself to basic options such as pink, blue, or white versions. Button-downs come with various patterns and materials.

Playing with the fabrics allow you to get new insight. For instance, pairing sheer silk chiffon with a camisole will create a sleek look without making it look monotonous. Also, don’t be afraid of colors. Colors make everything looks formal and professional, yet tasteful at the same time.

#4 Menswear with a khaki suit

On the other hand, if you want to look more formal, you can try a menswear-inspired blazer in khaki. This piece is a total versatile choice, and you can wear it to any formal occasion. Whether you pair it with a button-down or a blouse, you will look stunning and professional at the same time. Besides, you can match the suit with a navy-blue bottom, dark-wash jeans, or a matching skirt – it depends on the job you are applying for.

#5 A tasteful black dress

You will never go wrong with a black dress. That outfit will create a simple look without leaving the professional context. To give a detailed touch, feel free to pair the dress with textured tights. Going all black can be a good idea for a job interview, as long as you are not overdoing it.