How to Nail Your Outfit with Black Blouses

You can always nail your outfit with black blouses. Even though a black blouse seems too basic and popular, it doesn’t mean that you cannot go bold and striking with it. Today, even the simplest thing can make you stand out in the crowd. In this article, we will talk about how to be different with a black blouse, which can turn into one of the best outfits you’ve ever worn.

How to Nail Your Outfit with Black Blouses
How to Nail Your Outfit with Black Blouses

Black half sleeve blouse with skinny jeans

Talking about a simple look, going with a black half sleeve blouse is such an accurate description, especially if you pair it with skinny jeans. However, you can always turn these pieces into something bold and different.

Wearing a black half sleeve blouse with skinny jeans and flat shoes will bring a business casual look to you. It also highlights your stylish appearance and stays natural at the same time. The skinny jeans are better in light blue though.

Putting a wide black leather belt will add a detailed touch, while flat suede loafers elegantly boost your professional look. For the last touch, bring a big leather purse with you – this is how you pull your black blouses from the closet.

Outfit idea with a semi-sheer short sleeve blouse

On the other hand, if you own a semi-sheer short sleeve blouse in the closet, this is how you make the look stands out for you. FYI, you are lucky to have this kind of blouse in the wardrobe, which will help you to look unique and sexy at the same time. Wear a black bralette and put the blouse over it.

The unique look comes from a pair of black cropped pants with a wide leg. To give a black touch to your exposed skin, put a pair of white sneakers over black crew socks. That outfit looks amazing without you even try.

How to Nail Your Outfit with Black Blouses
How to Nail Your Outfit with Black Blouses

White chiffon semi-sheer blouse

At some point, every woman would own this type of blouse in her closet. But how can you make a lovely outfit with a white chiffon semi-sheer blouse? Well, the blouse is excellent for a business look without turning it into something too formal.

If the blouse comes with long sleeves, pull it into half to expose your skin a bit. Grab your pair of dark jeans – it can be black or navy blue for sure. To give a texture to the outfit, match it with a pair of leopard flats. This composition will pull a ladylike look in your outfit. Nail the entire look elegantly with a black leather purse.

Black oversized blouse

Wearing an oversized shirt is kind of a trend lately. You can also try the trend with a black oversized blouse if you have one. All you need to grab is a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of pointed-toe heels.